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Qualifications and Requirements

Media Ad Buying

The candidate must be able to develop digital strategies and media buys to achieve advertising objectives for multiple Ad accounts. This role drives innovation on both the strategic and campaign level, cultivates key partnerships to develop the best digital media opportunities, and executes a variety of online media campaigns across display, mobile, social, and video.

The ideal candidate has 2+ years of professional experience in digital media buying with a focus on social, A/B testing, and integrating different media channels to optimize campaign results.

This position does NOT require high school or graduate education. However; it REQUIRES proof of abilities. (At the time of interview, the candidate must either give the interviewer analyst access or screenshare current or past accounts, proving their ability) – Screenshots mean nothing and can be faked!

Data Analysis

The candidate must also be able to turn data into information, information into insight, and insight into advertising decisions. This role monitors the data behind all advertising campaigns, reviewing the campaign’s performance, targeting, ad creative, and ad spend with the goal of optimizing performance and improving ROI.

This role requires strong quantitative, analytical, and problem-solving skills, and the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and report on data quickly and accurately.


Graphic Designing

Responsible for the coordination and production of all images needed for the organization’s content team. The candidate has experience in a variety of design software and a proven ability to produce entertaining, educational, and/or inspirational visual content that is consistent with the brand’s look and feel. –  Portfolio of past work is required

Videography or Video Editing

Responsible for the coordination and production of all the video content. The candidate has experience in directing, shooting, editing, producing, and optimizing a variety of corporate videos. The Videographer is a creative, out-of-the-box thinker, capable of translating advertising messages into compelling visual stories that are consistent with the brand. –  Portfolio of past work is required

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Roles and Responsibilities

Data Analysis

  • Analyzes advertising data to identify areas of improvement in performance, delivery, tracking, targeting, and the overall effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Compile advertising data analytics and effective Ad strategies that proposes enhancements to the Ad campaign, Ad set, Ad components and landing page to maximize results.
  • Performs competitive analysis, researches new opportunities, and uses data to provide strategic recommendations that support revenue growth.

Media Buying

  • Interprets business objectives and proceeds with the development and execution of effective Facebook advertising strategies to achieve those objectives for multiple Ad accounts.
  • Collaborates closely with the account manager to brainstorm and plan upcoming campaigns by determining the scope and realistic deadlines for various design content.
  • Manages advertising calendars and produces media plans and forecasts.
  • Administers pixel and event setup followed by installation on the website.
  • Designs engaging and compelling creatives (images) for use in advertising campaigns. Ensuring that they match the specs of the platform
  • Copywriting effective Ad text, headline and description that persuades viewers to take action.
  • Creates a list of detailed targeting options for specific cold interests to ensure the appropriate audience is being targeted
  • Implements remarketing campaigns from past and current traffic including but not limited to abandoned cart, website traffic, email list, etc.
  • Understands, customizes, and optimizes the entire campaign management process, including production, execution, and quality control.
  • Develops rigorous A/B test plans to draw insights critical for growth and optimization, including Ad copy, Ad creative, Ad placement, audience segmentation, and landing page tests.
  • Paces delivery of campaigns, ensuring Ad spending remains within budget and efficiently optimized.
  • Establishes digital campaign measurement and analytics strategy and reports on campaign diagnostic measures and other key performance indicators of effectiveness.
  • Monitors and adjusts campaign controls to achieve a positively increasing Return on Ad Spend.
  • Clearly communicates campaign successes, failures, and optimizations for future campaigns.
  • Troubleshoots common campaign issues.


Video Creation

  • Produces and/or directs video content for advertising initiatives
  • Manages the production of video content (shooting, editing, uploading, optimizing, and adding effects).
  • Leverages interviews, testimonials, demos, and other storytelling styles to meet the needs of the target audience.
  • Strategically examines available platforms to ensure video content is easy to use in advertising initiatives.

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